After being engaged for what feels like a lifetime – the happy couple are finally getting married! While it’s easy to get bogged down in the preparation for the big day, don’t forget there’s the infamous hen do to attend to! The time has come; you’ve spent many girl’s nights-in planning this shindig, imagining all sorts of bizarre, eccentric, and sometimes downright inappropriate celebrations. But now it’s upon us, where do you go? What do you do? How do you go about it?

Like with most things, (though a hen night is usually kept under close-wraps, with bridesmaids and friends sworn to secrecy), communication is key. It may be easy to run away with your imagination, but it’s important you do this right. First and foremost, establish who is coming – that fateful list of friends and family will help determine exactly where it is you’ll all end up going.

For obvious reasons, the main purpose of the hen do is to give the bride a good time, and celebrate the occasion with one last hurrah before the big day. Keeping that in perspective is vital, as it’s all too easy to plan the perfect night-out for yourself and lose sight of what the night is really about. Gather the hens! Get clucking! Organise a meeting to discuss potential ideas and give each other insight into what would suit the bride best. Whilst some will favour topless butlers, it’s worth remembering that this will not cater to every bride (or guest), and the wife-to-be may well want to do something entirely more adventurous…how does skydiving sound? A weekend abroad? Or is the hen in question more prim and proper, and in need of a good tea party?

Once you have settled on what type of evening/weekend to go ahead with, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Where will it be? Is it easily accessible, (and affordable for that matter), for all of your guests? Be realistic in your scale. Will you need to book overnight accommodation? How will everybody get there? Do you require catering? You’ll need to be on the phone and in-contact with as many suppliers and venues as possible, in order to get the most for your money and make sure that they can meet your requirements. This is a coordinated process – get everyone involved! It’ll save you time and effort.

All booked? Brilliant! Now all that’s left to do is to go out and paint the town red! Or parachute out of a plane or a civilized afternoon tea. Talking of which we offer a fabulous afternoon tea at The Limes. We have been fortunate enough to host the widest variety of Miss to Mrs celebrations. Get in touch by calling us on 01564 703 444 or drop us an email at