It seems like just yesterday you were dancing the hokey-cokey with your boss until the early hours of the morning, but it’s finally in sight once more! That’s right – the Christmas period is here! Before you let down your hair and get merry, take a moment to learn from the countless mistakes of unfortunate workers before you. They suffered the consequences, so you don’t have to!

Whilst many ‘crazy’ Christmas party stories may well be exaggerated for comedic effect, it’s still worth remembering that you are there representing your place of work. Being drunk is not an excuse for belting out Queen anthems, falling through a table and tweeting your disdain for the boss’s new haircut. Have fun, cut loose, dance, tell jokes, but don’t hit the bottle too hard. Almost every one of these infamous embarrassing tales involve a few too many beers or glasses of champagne – not to mention the hangover to end all hangovers the following day. Make it one to remember, not to forget!

With that in mind, put away your phone! Why? Think of this as an extra precaution – this isn’t just to protect yourself, but your colleagues too. If something ever did get a little out of hand, you’ll find it a lot more difficult to apologise and move on with dozens of photos floating around documenting it. A few group selfies here and there can’t hurt, but even temporary social media updates (Snapchat and Instagram stories, for example) will be still viewable for at least 24 hours. Be professional, and above all, be social! You don’t want to be that person, staring at your phone all night!

Remember that this is a party, a celebration of a year of hard work. You may well be completely infatuated with the receptionist, or think Paul from admin is a dreamboat, but there’s a time and a place for these conversations. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but save it for another night. This advice is not limited to just romantic conversations either, you should avoid any potential conflict at all costs too. Office disputes are bad enough as it is, without the entire company and their families there to see it. Everybody there just wants to have a good time and forget about work for the night – keep your personal life personal!

The Christmas party is symbolic for some, a guaranteed good night of festivities and happy memories…keep it that way! Return to work with a smile on your face, ready to do it all again next year. If you have not booked your Christmas party yet, contact us today before it is too late!