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Corporate team building activities Birmingham – West Midlands

The Limes Country Lodge and Hotel is one of the West Midland’s leading venues for team-building events.  At The Limes, we offer a range of team building programs to meet a host of requirements and are able to supply various first-class facilities. Read on to find out more about the benefits of team building and holding your event at our hotel in Solihull.

About The Limes Country Lodge Hotel

The Limes has been the backdrop for a wide range of West Midlands team building events over the years.  Though the hotel was modernised in 2006, it retains many of its original 19th-century features.  We are able to cater for groups of all sizes, from small teams to larger workforce’s, including companies from all sorts of industry sectors.  If you need any help with arranging and selecting activities, we can come to your assistance.  We have vast experience when it comes to managing team building activities in Birmingham and we are more willing to share our ideas with you.

A bespoke experience

Our team building activities in the West Midlands are designed to challenge, develop and entertain your team.  We have excellent relationships with various team building suppliers, who can work with us to ensure your day is a huge success.  It’s even possible to end the experience with a hog roast or barbecue, unwinding with a drink at the Captains Bar.

Heighten workplace morale

Team building events and exercises bring your employees closer together and can boost morale and productivity.  They can help your employees understand the importance of teamwork and how to play to their strengths.  Team building events also enable your staff to communicate more effectively, providing them with valuable verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Excellent bonding opportunities

Another key benefit of team building is it enables your employees to bond with each other, build trust and respect one another.  Team building events can also get your employees out of the workplace and provide them with a valuable change of scenery, re-energise them and motivate them to hit the ground running when they do return to work.

Leadership, confidence-building and workplace culture

Team building activities can enable employers to find out which team members have the best leadership qualities and which staff are the most focused and motivated. They can also help you change negative attitudes towards work, encouraging your team to see their duties as worthwhile and fun.  Team building exercises can also strengthen the confidence of your team members and encourage them to take responsibility in the workplace.  During team building events, employees can learn more about their strengths and weaknesses whilst gaining a better understanding of your company’s ultimate aims and objectives.  Team building can not only improve workplace morale but enhance the culture of your business, enabling your employees to embrace your vision and values.

Getting in touch

We are waiting to hear from your right now if you do wish to find out more about our renowned team building activities in Birmingham, Solihull. To get in touch today, simply give us a call on 01564 703444.  Alternatively, you can send e-mail to or use the form on the website.