The big day has finally come for the bride and groom, but you do have a few responsibilities as a bridesmaid.
You need to make sure everything goes to plan, then be leading the crowd to the dancefloor. You need to make sure you’re looking your best, but also tell the bride how beautiful she looks throughout the day! But we’ve all had those days where nothing goes to plan right?
Well, here are 5 of the funniest bridesmaid’s stories, you would never want to happen to you!

1 – Red, red wine
My bridesmaid’s duty was to bring red wine and a basket of bread to the alter. We decided to take it upon ourselves to walk up the stairs to wait for the bride. I somehow managed to step on my dress, which brought me to an abrupt stop. Unfortunately, the bridesmaid in front didn’t manage to stop in time and I managed to spill red wine all over our dresses and the brides.

2 – Got off at the wrong stop
I arrived on time to the hotel, a Solihull wedding venue, yet the only other person was another bridesmaid, standing confused at why no one was there! Unbeknownst to us, the drunken bachelor party had decided to change the venue the night before, to a train station. Lest to say the bride was not impressed at our late appearance.

3 – Frog in your throat
Of all the times to catch a horrible cold, it was right before the wedding. I thought the idea of taking cough drops into my bridesmaid dress was a great idea. During the ceremony, I needed to soothe my throat so I took a drop, which caused me to choke. After plenty of choking and gagging sounds to relive my throat, the ceremony carried on. Everybody noticed.

4 – Any takers?
I was at a relatives wedding and noticed one of the bridesmaids visiting each table quickly with a notepad. When she arrived at our table, it turned out she was taking bets on how long the guest’s thought the marriage would last.

5 – Confessions of a bride
The maid of honour began telling the guests about how the bride met the groom. Introducing the fact, it was though a dating site, which everyone knew. She then progressed to confess, that whilst they were dating, she was also still seeing several other guys from the site. I think she tried to embellish he was the one who won her heart, it didn’t come across that well.
We don’t suggest you follow in any of these ladies footsteps, just remember it will be your turn one day 😉